RiTUAL. A ceremonial act ~ Rites used in the course of worship ~ The performance of ceremonial acts ~ The prescribed form of conducting the ceremony ~ A method of procedure that is followed without variation ~ performance with gestures, words, and objects, often in a sequestered place.

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RiTUAL. Reading Room 2013 : online catalog

My Morning by Kristina  Dymond
Try Not to See Detroit by Alison Stein
Counting Beans by Margaret Anderson
Precious Objects for Precious Magic by Emma Meetz
Ritual Ballet Repetition Pattern by Scott Barnes
HOG by Matthew Kendig and The AirRat
Linear Studies by Danielle  Bursk
Hollow by Emily  Sasmor
Dragons of the Elements by Tyrike Brown
What time is it? by Prudence Shapcott
Handwrite: part 3 by Melissa Panter
Knitting by Kate Flake
The Snowmaiden by gabriella boros
Moonflowers and Morning Glories (late summer) by Eric Edwards
A Week in My Head by Samantha Hopper
Paradise Found by Roberta Hall
The Kids Like That Bats Fly by Saha Price
Check The Mail by Emily Cucalon
Dreams of Love by Agustin Bolanos
“Look Inside” is a visual puzzle.  From the cover with a maze design that forms an abstraction of a brain; with the dual meaning of the title – look inside the pages of this book as well as look inside yourself.  The maze compels you through-out the pages right through the stem of the title all the way to the last page, to finally reveal the answer to the numerical problem on the front cover.
Possibly forever by Justin Bursk
7 Visits to the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection by Levi Sherman
Day of the Dead Book by Arthur (Eric) Stewart
LAP OF LUXURY #3  by Claire Marcus
Game Face by Melanie  VanReymersdal
Memorial for our Dead Ocean by Barbara Hocker
Cover Page of The First Day of Winter
beach and ocean images, Santa Cruz CA by Carol Eddy
Ritual by Josh Hoeg
Ritual Book IV page 1 by John Dickerson
ritual & happenstance book front view by Amy Ralston
Love and War by Clare Smith
Yahrzheit Ritual by Rosalind Bloom
Sunday morning With Boo Boo by Sharon Wakschul
somewhere 4/6 by Carey Watters
Y-O-U by Joseph  Cannon
Myth Codex by Susana Vizcarra
MITZVAHS by Michael Nathan
Rituals by Naomi Adams
The Magical Cornfield by Maddie LeSage
For Pachamama by Rosalind Bloom
Two Poems and companion books by Agustin Bolanos
Ceremonial www.LesleyWamsley.com
Abstract Book #2 by Queen Nancy Bel
Follow the course of the text as it weaves through the illustrations.
Untitled 4 by Cynthia Winika
The Sky is Falling by Allan Summers
PD Packard's Disprove The Dream, RiTUAL: single-sheet book show
Ritual Book I by John Dickerson
Real American Story by Aron Porter
Morning Ritual by Rosalind Bloom
Native Cadence by Linda Gassaway
light my flame by anthony picarelli
Ritual Manipulation (one black rectangle) by Laura Holland
Ritual Book I  (photo copy) by John Dickerson
Do It DIY by Aaron Lish
light beings, too by DoN Brewer
Groups of Ten [folded] by Jerry Bleem
Solstice by Beth Seetch
tea book by Amy Ralston
Child's Vigil by Karen  Yeash
Never Ending Thoughts in Time by Lucy Fulgencio
Untitled 9 by Cynthia Winika
A Vague Condition by Steve Martin
Null Notes #1 by Brian Dennis
"Wax on Wax off... Not all books have a story" by Damini Celebre
Posing Rituals by Laura Holland
Making Marks by Arlene Gale  Milgram
Getting Dressed by Emily Deni
Cover Page of Stitches
Observation is My Channel by Melody Chang Snyder
Ana Vizcarra Rankin, Ecliptic Book
AM Coffee Ritual, Italian Rite by Pia De Girolamo
Marking Time by Judith Joseph
Shapes 1 James Andrews
Untitled 6 by Cynthia Winika
Ritual Repetition, no. 3 by Wendy Wolf
A Summer Morning's Ritual by Pia De Girolamo
Containment by Breanna Sands
Koline (front)  image of the scanned book by Vida Sacic
beach and ocean images, Santa Cruz CA
Energy Exchange by Jenn Pascoe
Oasis Art Center
Ritual: Prufrock, Coffee and Mazes by Lesley Mitchell
dressmakers & Auden says by Caroline Furr
How We Went by Beth Seetch
Repetition by Hannah Lee Cook
Odd Death Rituals by Alexandra Griffith