RiTUAL. A ceremonial act ~ Rites used in the course of worship ~ The performance of ceremonial acts ~ The prescribed form of conducting the ceremony ~ A method of procedure that is followed without variation ~ performance with gestures, words, and objects, often in a sequestered place.

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Barbara Henry

Barbara Henry is the proprietor of Harsimus Press, publishing limited edition, letterpress texts. She teaches at The Center for Book Arts in New York City. 

My Winter Coat

My Winter Coat by Barbara Henry

My Winter Coat contains a poem, printed letterpress from Bulmer type and linocuts. The final lines of the poem are inserted into a pocket. The sheet meausures 9-7/8 by 14 inches  and folds to 3-1/2 by 5 inches. 

Also by this artist in Ritual 2019

This Is a Story/Lessons in Abstraction, No. 1  by Barbara Henry
This Is a Story    $20            

Artwork in Ritual Single-sheet book show (2013)

Follow the course of the text as it weaves through the illustrations.
My Winter Coat by Barbara Henry
My Winter Coat