about heavy bubble sites

We're a little cloud company that provides DIY portfolio websites for artists, galleries, or artist groups. Our designs are clean and uncluttered — everything is intended to focus on your work.

Our sites are subscription based. So we manage everything, all you do is upload your images and update the text. We do all we can to reduce the number of decisions an artist has to make — so more time is spent making art.

Heavybubble is an offshoot of our design firm. We started the company to help all our friends that kept asking us if we could design a website for them.

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make changes to your site anytime, day or night


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we buy your domain and manage it for you* 


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sophisticated design

allow your work to be seen to its best advantage


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search engines love heavybubble, they’ll find you


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help available

we’re happy to talk to our artists, anytime


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free trial

not sure? try-a-bubble for 30 days