Postcard Show and Quaranzine19

Barbara Henry postcard "Every Day I Check the Map"
artist reception
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Saturday, October 3, 2020
Saturday, October 24, 2020

It's our first exhibition since the pandemic began. Our first thought was to speak to our community both local and afar. To allow the opportunity to gather together in the form of an exhibition.

We made participation free. And to support our under-siege United States Postal Service [USPS] we choose a postcard format. To do some good for our fellow Philadelphians during this unprecedented time we decided to donate all sales to The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger.

Our call for submissions asked potential participants to consider the following.

Vent, Chill, Stress. How's this pandemic been going for you?  Did you lose anyone? Where did you stay? How did you stay amused and connected? What images are in your head? What is surprising you? Express any of it, or anything on your mind, on a postcard.

Postcard sales to fight hunger locally.

Imagine the courage it takes to pick up the phone, call a total stranger and admit that you don't have enough food to feed your family. 

Donations will go to Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
$5 donation minimum per card. Give more if you can, even to visit show!

Postcard Art Featured : Barbara Henry "Every Day I Check the Map"

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Poster for Postcard Show and Quaranzine19
1241 Carpenter Street First Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19147