Damini Celebre : Conversations with Land

fireflies by Damini Celebre
artist reception
Saturday, March 8, 2014
3 - 6 pm
Thursday, February 6, 2014
Saturday, March 22, 2014

Conversations with Land is a new body of work by Damini Celebre. The gallery is dotted with tiny and small paintings on panels and one work constructed of four 24 x 24 inch panels. In these works she pulls the sky down into the same plane as the earth, and air swirls amid them. There is no up, no down — no representation — it is a spiritual universe. Undulating energy reveals itself in each mark.


Shamanic art is not a representation of healing it is powerful and profound healing power.
— Damini Celebre

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Ms Celebre will be gallery sitting on the following dates this month.

Saturday March 1
Friday, March 7
Saturday March 8
Friday March 14
Saturday March 15
Friday March 21
Saturday March 22

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Damini Celebre received her BFA from California Institute of the Arts in 1984. As a photographer, she was exhibited nationally and internationally. She currently practices and teaches acupuncture, shamanism, and intuitive painting locally and nationwide. She is nearing completion of a book which brings together energetic healing, intuitive painting, and shamanic concepts: Painting the Landscape of your Soul.


Artist Satement
This body of work is influenced by my personal relationship with the Spirit that lives in all things.  Listening deeply allows my mind to get out of the way; allowing me to reach a deeper place inside me, to feel and respond to Land. My direct emotional response and interaction with Land is what creates a mark.

Relationships are built by an exchange of energy and respect. These paintings are honoring to Land — to the Space and to our relationship between the two. 

This work is a prayer, an honoring and an offering to the Web of Life.               

These paintings are healing artworks. They create a bridge, a relationship, between You and the Land you live on — bringing balance, joy and energy to your life.

Conversations with Land : Damini Celebre, shamanic art, art, paintings, mixed media
Heron Walks / Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia, PA, 4″ x 4″ | Dark, / Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia, PA, 4″ x 4″ | Sound / Wissahickon Park, Philadelphia. PA 4" x 4"; all milk paint, ink, pastel, pencil, acrylic on wood panel
Conversations with Land : Damini Celebre, shamanic art
Rock, Princeton, NJ, milk paint, ink, pastel, pencil, vellum on wood, 2013, three 4″ x 4″ panel, sold
Conversations with Land : Damini Celebre, shamanic art
Luminary / Philadelphia, acrylic paint, ink, pastel, pencil on wood panel, 2013, 48” x 48”
110 CHURCH gallery
110 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
267 871 9375