natural selection : group show

artist reception
Saturday, March 9, 2013
3 - 6 pm
Friday, March 1, 2013
Friday, March 29, 2013


Stewart Bremner / mixed media

Brian Dennis / installation

Mira Gohel / photography

Mary Gordon / sculpture

Amy Ralston / fiber

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Stewart Bremner : Abstract artist from Edinburgh Scotland, I've been painting for over ten years. My work uses colour and form to explore themes of freedom, surrender, release and growth.

Brian Dennis : The piece emerged from a fascination with our desire to capture the ethereal. I'm hopeful that it is uncertain if the layers are air streams, rock strata, or just different dimensions somehow converging. The work is also a meditation on repetition.

Mira Gohel : Using toy cameras, Mira Gohel creates off-kilter diptychs of universal subjects.  This seemingly playful approach can have unpredictable outcomes which, at best, result in arresting imagery set in disquietude.

Mary Gordon's childhood home, Iowa, is a presence in her current work, both painting and sculpture. The conceptual motivation for the work stems from an external visual understanding of "home" within the landscape. 

Amy Ralston : These organic forms arrived as an instinctive sequel to my earlier explorations of the natural world.  Although my gaze has gone microscopic — seeking inspiration among bugs and bacteria — I continue to ask the viewer to re-engage with strange yet familiar forms, uncomfortably touching on issues of safety, fear, and control.

Central Park silver gelatin print copyright Mira Gohel
Mira Gohel : Central Park : silver gelatin
You know your problems ain't exactly new - copyright Stewart Bremner
Stewart Bremner : You know your problems ain't exactly new : mixed media on paper
Parcel #4 : installation copyright Brian Dennis
Brian Dennis : Parcel #4 : installation
Seismic by Mary Gordon, sculpture
Seismic : Mary Gordon : sculpture
Amy Ralston : Recurring, sculpture, art, exhibition, fiber
Amy Ralston : Recurring : fiber
110 CHURCH gallery
110 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106