Keith R Breitfeller + Brian David Dennis : Abeyance

artist reception
Saturday, April 12, 2014
3 - 6 pm
Thursday, April 3, 2014
Saturday, May 24, 2014

Breitfeller and Dennis again offer the viewer a moment to suspend time. Breitfeller continues to delve in to the contemplative with his expansive color fields. His heavily textured oil paintings are a series of short brush strokes applied layer upon layer. Dennis will be showing then, an installation that plays with the intimate scale of the gallery. Chains of inverted, miniature ladders dangle from the ceiling. The wooden ladders are decorated with dashes of color paper. The work is fragile and precarious, playful with a twinge of cynicism



Keith R. Breitfeller 

The theme of my painting has been a search for stillness, a form of mediative calm. Painting is my escape from a world of too much noise and information. It’s a way to step away from those inner dialogues that keep us from being truly calm. My work is an oasis away from the complexities of modern living where one can reflect on what is essential.


Brian David Dennis

My goal is two fold, obviously I want to create something that presents a beauty and truth. Second, and what is personally most important is the act of making. While working I become focused only on the matter in hand and I experience a wholeness with the world. Ironically, the results express the ethos of an outsider, things are hidden or so obscured it is often difficult to know what you are seeing. This outcome is very akin to my experience when I am making. I am vaguely aware of a liquid consciousness, passing snippets of something dissolving and reforming, all just out of range of knowing. It is this realm that directs my work. 

Transcendence is also important to my work, not only the experience of Making, but also for the materials to become other then what they were. I am drawn to use common materials that I strive to push beyond their original context. I do the same with the photographic images I appropriate. They are chosen usually not by their subject matter, but by a shape or color that interests me, a form that may capture the realm floating in my peripheral vision.



Brian Dennis, Then and paintings by Keith Breitfeller
Brian Dennis, Then and paintings by Keith Breitfeller
Brian Dennis, Then and paintings by Keith Breitfeller
110 CHURCH gallery
110 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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