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Welcome to artlife where we post a curated selection of events, exhibitions, workshops, and doings by heavybubble and artists that use our services. Check out the  artist opportunities and events that catch our eye.

Colorfield paintings have always been a favorite. This is a wonderful conversation with Thorton Willis. His paintings as fresh today as when he began.

from the artist:

To describe 21st Century spatial concepts (in painting) is to try and depict the basic interconnectedness of matter in which form only appears separate.
In fact, all form struggles to maintain itself in the dynamic flow of space and time. The essence of nature and of our own human existence is change, movement towards or way from one form to the next.

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Lace in Translation, a new exhibition of contemporary work that explores the intersection of luxurious hand-craftsmanship with modern, mass production. The Design Center at Philadelphia University's historic Quaker Lace Company collection is the inspiration for three internationally-renowned artists and designers reconsidering conventional notions of lace. European designers Tord Boontje and Demakersvan, and Canadian artist Cal Lane have created installations specifically for The Design Center's unique and intimate space - a 1950s era, Hollywood-style ranch house.

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The Philly Fringe festival has a winner with the Gonzalas Cantata. What a great group of folks. The illustration for the poster is by Molly Crabapple of Dr. Sketchy fame. Heavybubble is hoping to get to a performance but deadlines are killing us. Why don’t you go and tell us how you liked it.

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We had to tell you about this amazing opportunity for art, fabulous food, and conversation this Friday evening.

Our friends at Chester County Art Association are offering an amazing five course dinner and an intimate evening with Jesus Moroles, one of the world's leading contemporary sculptors. Jesus will discuss his art and his vision of the art world.  Jesus Moroles has more than 2,000 original sculptures in museums, public spaces, and corporate and private collections.

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Carol Wisker, Kali-ma (detail), mixed media, 27 x 25 X 9 inches, 1994-2009

Heavybubble artist Carol Wisker has one of her mixed media pieces in another juried show! Her mixed media piece is named for the Goddess Kali Ma. Kali Ma has many interpretations. Come to the artist reception and chat with Carol about her interpretation.

Heroines and Harlots: Women in History 
Da Vinci Art Alliance
Annual Juried Exhibition,  September 9-27
Juror: Kathryn Mc Fadden

704 Catherine Street, Philadelphia,19147

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So Glad that Rachel Maddow and the mainstream media have finally picked up this story. Performances this weekend!  Thirty fabulous artists at The Rotunda in west Philadelphia. Just head on over and buy your tickets. Here’s the link. BTW, there’s plenty of other artists doing their thing at the Festival check out the full schedule.

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A wonderful film about the discovery of things. Working, and making without the constraints of the establishment - a new cultural movement began. We see the results of this movement everywhere we look as artists are designers, designers are artists, and geeks and nerds collaborate to tell stories in new collaborative ways. This is the story of a hands on movement that saw no boundaries and made work of all kinds that have influenced a generation.

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Saturday, August 22, 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
611 North 40th Street, West Philadelphia

We saw this poster in a mailing and were intrigued by it. Imagine our surprise at how large a project this is. Repurpose! is just one in a number of events in an ambitious program in and around architecture and public space. We invite you to investigate the website and to engage in dialogue and action. Join in this workshop making temporary structures. Looks like making art to us. Make something and talk about it!

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Just found out about this installation from a tweet today. Wandered on over to YouTube to watch the video. Playing an object isn’t a new idea, it’s been done before. The addition to this installation is the transparent interface and the democratic nature – any visitor can play the building. In fact they are invited [...]
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August 5 August 30, 2009

Join Heavy Bubble artist Stella Untalan and 28 other artists in this Invitational Group Show for their opening and reception this Friday! The show continues through August.

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MARKS > tomake | drawings : Marjorie Grigonis + Stella Untalan
May 11 June 30, 2009

Two women artists, mark-makers place their vocabularies side-by-side. Marjorie Grigonis makes abstract paintings, oil on canvas, and drawings which include charcoal, pastel, graphite and other mixtures of media on paper. Stella Untalan Gassaway makes works on paper using pastels, graphite, charcoal, and gouache.

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Opening and reception : 2009 Pennsylvania Sizzler Exhibition

Join Heavy Bubble artist Stella Untalan and 28 other artists in this Invitational Group Show for their opening and reception this Friday! The show continues through August.

Friday, 07 August 2009
5 - 9 pm

August 5 - 30, 2009
3rd Street Gallery
58 North Second Street
Philadelphia, PA

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