RiTUAL. A ceremonial act ~ Rites used in the course of worship ~ The performance of ceremonial acts ~ The prescribed form of conducting the ceremony ~ A method of procedure that is followed without variation ~ performance with gestures, words, and objects, often in a sequestered place.

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RiTUAL. Reading Room 2015 : online catalog

December 5, 2015 — February 26, 2016


1241 Carpenter Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

Baba Yaga's Trees   by Therese Brown
The Art of Questions and Answers by Jeff Stroud
Six a.m. by Emmanuel Egwaoje (Clarke University)
Obsession  by Sydni Dehahn (Clarke University)
Truth Demands Proof of Truth, single sheet book art from RiTUAL Book Show
indePENNdent  #3 by Claire Marcus
Agustin Bolanos,  3 Poems sleeve
Brian Dennis, "Call It"  #3
Round Museum - Volume 1
weatherbirds by Leah Reynolds
Wood and Stone, Lago Plomo, Chile John Dickerson, Heavy Bubble, websites for artists
Marker, watercolor, pen on paper
Morning Tea a small book by Therese Brown
Wendy Wolf Natural Repetition Ritual Book Maple Leaves
Jody Arthur, Ritual Navigation
ENSO I by Barbara Hocker
r.i.t.u.a.l. a small book by Amy Ralston
Succulent 1 by Mike Lewis
Line drawing, sleep,
Heads Tails by Rosy Penhallow
Front Side of Listening to the Chatter of the Universe
HATitudes 1 by Sarah Nathan Watkins
Octet by Rosy Penhallow
Free to Fly by Diana Russo
Minigami by Taylor Tai
Dizzy poetry book Eric Edwards
Agustin Bolanos, Vol. 2 Poetry and Posters sleeve
prayer, judaism, pencil drawing
Round Museum - Volume 3
Valley One  by John Dickerson, Heavy Bubble, websites for artists, RiTUAL
Fallen a book by Lesley Mitchell
Cats want to be prints by Elinor Breidenthal
by Julia Leisenring
Hello journal by Diana Russo
Waking Up by Tia Vergauwen (Clarke University)
Rites of becoming more me by Sonia Sherrod
One week's truth (Cover Image) Brian Spies
ritual days by Amy Ralston
Lago Plomo, Chile John Dickerson, Heavy Bubble, websites for artists
Rhythm of Ritual Book.  Acrylic Collage, pen and pencil on paper.
Blood of the Youth by Josh Brilliant
Under Water by Taylor Tai
untitled a small book by Justin Bursk
Bones a book within a book by Mary Gordon
Consume by Samantha Hilby (Clarke University)
Six Little Poems in a small book by Eric Edwards
ENSO II  by Barbara Hocker
 A small book Icelandic Memories by Pia De Girolamo
Refuel by Bridget Quinn (Clarke University)
Yoga by Lauren Reagan (Clarke University)
Coffee Three Ways
ariadne a small book by Amy Ralston
Burning  by Katie Marter (Clarke University)
bird art, Barbara Schaff
Solitaire (Cover Image) Brian Spies
new generation,  Barbara Schaff
Sunday Morning News by Kylie Murphy (Clarke University)
Breath Prayer by C'Anne Anderson
Book unfolded - Music From The Web Of Life, Sedona, Lesely Tao Mowat
Coffee Three Ways
Masquerade by Jarmen
"Walking"  cover of 8 page book;  acrylic, marker & thread, on Tyvek
small artist book, black text on blue background, Loving Repeating by Bill Brookover
My Daily Ritual by Erin Danosky
Changing Fields an artbook by Stella Untalan
home is... by Emma Meetz
This Land is Your Land, artist's book by Lesley Mitchell
Let's Eat Cake by Alice Austin
Images from Book #1 A Cabinet of Curiosities, Allyn Stewart