RiTUAL. A ceremonial act ~ Rites used in the course of worship ~ The performance of ceremonial acts ~ The prescribed form of conducting the ceremony ~ A method of procedure that is followed without variation ~ performance with gestures, words, and objects, often in a sequestered place.

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Jacqueline Unanue

 Jacqueline Unanue is a Chilean born visual artist of Spanish ancestry residing in Philadelphia PA. She studied design at the Universidad de Chile de Valparaíso. At that time she became interested in the rock art done in her native country.


In addition to numerous individual and group exhibitions in Chile since 1983, she has also been exhibited in Spain, Finland, Ecuador, Argentina, and the United States—in galleries in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York. In June 2013 she exhibited in Barcelona, ​​Spain. During 2015 she have been exhibited her traveling show titled: Mi Antigua Tierra / My Ancient Land, in Washington DC; in Barcelona, Spain; Viña del Mar, Chile; and ending in 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia PA.

J. Unanue received the 2015 Latin American Women in Art and Cultural Tribute recognition in New York. 

Since her arrival in the United States in 2000, her artistic vision has mainly been expressed through abstract acrylic painting on canvas.  She currently lives in Philadelphia with her husband who is a designer. She is represented by the 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia.


Elqui Valley

Elqui Valley by Jacqueline Unanue

Acrylic on hand made paper


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