Elsa Dorfman artist and portrait photographer has died at 83

A self-portrait of Dorfman with her giant Polaroid camera, shot with another giant Polaroid camera. Photo by Elsa Dorfman and licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

We recently viewed a wonderful film about Elsa Dorfman. In this film we watch a story of an extrodinary life told by the artist herself. Her giant Polaroid portraits are facinating. The use of such a large camera by one person, nevermind a small woman is an effort worth merit. Her portraits were made with the huge Polaroid Land 20x24 camera. She shot more than 1000. 

The photo for this post is a self portrait and shared under a CC Creative Commons License.

Give it a watch if you know her work or you don't.

SIGHTING Gerard Brown

Another little video that gives you a glimpse at installations, exhibitions, and events that we have experienced. Here is am exhibition by Gerard Brown.

These works include a series of coded messages, quotes that Mr Brown has selected. They are from his Signals and Colors series.

SIGHTING : in retrospect, Melissa Maddonni Haims

We have been trying to capture some little videos that give you a glimpse at installations, exhibitions, and events that we have experienced. Here is an installation by Melissa Maddonni Haims.

Heaven, a soft sculpture, which took nearly 2 years to knit and crochet, was created in honor of Melissa;s mother who died in January 2008. Offering was completed in 2013, one year after the heartbreaking death of her best friend of 26 years. This soft sculpture is made up of hundreds of crocheted stones to build a memorial celebrating her life.

Sol LeWitt drawing #370 in progress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sol LeWitt's 1982 Wall Drawing #370: Ten Geometric Figures (including right triangle, cross, X, diamond) with three-inch parallel bands of lines in two directions will be installed at the Museum over a period of four weeks. The drawing (a detail of which is at left) will be on view in its complete state beginning on June 30, 2014, and will remain on view through September 7, 2015, when it will be painted over.


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