CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : Postcard Show and Quaranzine19

Direction for making your postcard

DEADLINE EXTENDED - Must be Postmarked by September 24, 2020

Vent, Chill, Stress. How's this pandemic been going for you?  Did you lose anyone? Where did you stay? How did you stay amused and connected? What images are in your head? What is surprising you?
Express any of it, or anything on your mind, on a postcard.


September 24 – October 24, 2020
Quaranzine19 Postcard Show
1241 Carpenter Street, Philadelphia
by appointment
Postcard sales to charity. $5 donation minimum per card - to feed people locally.

Selected works published in a series of full-color zines.
These will be available at cost, the number of pages/zines depends on the number of submissions and selected pieces.


4 x 6 inches. Enter up to 5. No fee.  Not juried.
Mail it to Heavy Bubble (address below) postmarked by September 24, 2020.
Cards will be hung by pushpins or clips as they arrive, only front visible.
Must meet USPS requirements for mailing:
index card thickness, no thicker than 0.016 inches (two index cards thick)
no attachments
Postcards will not be returned to artist.

Digital art or digital reproductions are accepted, duplicates can be submitted.
Must be addressed properly to Heavy Bubble (address above).
Include your identifying information on the address side (name, website, email).
We reserve the right to not hang work for any reason.

RELEASE: By submitting your postcard(s) you assert that you hold the rights to the work and give permission for images of the work to be used show promotion and published in our Quaranzine19 project of zines which will be for sale (at cost).

Show is September 24 – October 24, 2020.
No reception, by appointment only, maximum party of 3 visitors.

Postmark by September 24, 2020 -- EXTENDED!
mail to: 

Heavy Bubble
Studio #303
1241 Carpenter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147