FEATURED POST EXHIBITION The Tribe Gathers : Bill Brookover, Elena Bouvier, PD Packard

FEATURED POST EXHIBITION : Bill Brookover, Elena Bouvier, PD Packard
Saturday, October 7, 2017
Sunday, October 8, 2017


The tribe has gathered again at @HBHQ for Philadelphia Open Studio Tours. We are pleased to have been selected as a featured exhibition. Please join us during POST on Saturday, October 7 / noon - 6 PM or for our evening reception on Sunday.


Reception: Sunday, October 8 / 6 – 8 PM


Bill Brookover

Bill Brookover is a printmaker and photographer whose work is based in his training in design and architecture. Born in West Texas, he studied art and architecture at Rice University, historic preservation at Columbia University, and printmaking at Fleisher Art Memorial. His prints explore design, color, texture, and geometric structure. His photographs explore architecture, layered landscapes, history and urban streetscapes.
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Elena Bouvier

Captivated by Caravaggio’s use of light, Francesca Woodman’s fearless self-examination, Duane Michals’ text and sequences and David Lebe’s light painting, Elena Bouvier is a Philadelphia, PA -based creative working with artist books, photography, drawing, digital, non-silver and intaglio printmaking. Ms. Bouvier has studied with a diverse mix of artists and thinkers; Professor Gottfried Jaeger, David Graham, Hedi Kyle, Thomas Carabasi, and Dr. Janet A. Kaplan. Ms. Bouvier earned an AST in photography from Antonelli Institute, a BFA in photography from Moore College of Art and Design and an MFA in Book Arts and Printmaking from the University of the Arts. She is also a Fulbright Fellowship recipient to Germany.

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PD Packard

PD Packard’s mother tongue with art and design is color. As contained narrative, her work is created to express the principles of unconditional love, not conditional romance. She is drawn to the order of self-similar patterns that have an underlying mathematical structure that can appear indefinitely complex. With the casual study of entomology, attracted to the insects’ structured patterns and colors, intrigued to know more about their world that parallels our own. The work is centered on the discovery of cause and effect through the printmaking techniques of drypoint, embossing, and relief mixed with watercolor painting, and aniline dyes.

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1241 Carpenter Street Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19147