Sarah Bloom: The Impermanence of Being

Sarah Bloom: The Impermanence of Being Self portraits
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Impermanence of Being, an exhibition in Gallery 1 of photographic self-portraiture by Sarah R. Bloom.

The focus of Bloom’s art for the past 12 years has been taking self-portraits in abandoned spaces. Broadly, the work is about aging as a woman in a society that emphasizes looks over substance, in a culture of double standards. In Bloom’s words, “more pointedly, these pieces explore my personal struggles with middle age, depression, and what I have come to call a “life unexpected.” There is a catharsis for me when I am skulking through an abandoned building, looking for the light and setting up my shots. I feel a kinship with these spaces and find it comforting to witness the earth reclaiming her space. The fact that we are here temporarily brings me peace more than it brings me anxiety. 

The series began when I was 37 years old and beginning to feel a subtle sense of loss for time since passed. In the twelve years since I began, there has been the newlywed stage and then end of a marriage, a teenage girl raised, hope restored and hope lost, the greatest publicity of my career so far, and the absolute lowest I've ever been with depression. It has always been — and still is — my intention to continue this body of work into old age. This retrospective only shows a beginning.” 

A note from the artist: I pose nude for the purpose of illustrating a more universal vulnerability and the striving for self-acceptance. I describe my contention with aging as being akin to the stages of grief, but these stages are non-linear. There is a looking back with longing for things that never were, but there is a defiance too. I contain multitudes, as do we all.


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