Artist Conversation with Linda Dubin Garfield.

Blue Light by Linda Dubin Garfield
Artist Conversation
Sunday, February 6, 2011

Join Linda Dubin Garfield on Sunday, February 6 from 1:30 to 4 PM for an Artist's Conversation about her passion the ART of Printmaking. She loves monotypes and will discuss how she makes them. If you are interested she'll also share some of the other categories of printmaking as well. Relief and intaglio techniques; block printing, etching, lithograph, silk screen, drypoint, stencil, collagraphy, and viscosity printing.

To insure you're not bored or disinterested, she will bring yummy treats and quality beverages with her. Some of these techniques are used on occasion in her monotypes.

You are in for a treat ( actually a double one) if you come to this Artist's Conversation, that's for sure!!!

from the artist:

My focus on the process, not the outcome, frees me to be experimental. Following my passion and living my dream energize me to be productive and alive. I feel like I am now living out loud. I want to share that passion and joie de vivre with those seeing my work, triggering a memory or experience for the viewer

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