Kevin Broad : Greater Than Less an Than

Kevin Broad, Anchor.  oil, beeswax, pigment on canvas, 62x82
Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Saturday, February 3, 2018

Inspired by Broad’s recent artist residency in Iceland, Greater Than Less Than represents a dynamic collaboration with the extremes of nature – ice, wind, and fire – and Iceland’s inhabitants’ strength of spirit. To parallel nature’s impact on the work, concepts are revealed with bold graphic forms. Some pigments were ground from lava rock and other Icelandic minerals. Colors are primary and contrasting.  

Kevin’s creative process is imperatively experimental with his choice of materials and also conceptually. Greater Than Less Than became a study of the ephemerality of intention in the face of powerful, ever-changing landscapes, the passage of time, and the human mind. This series is a metaphor for cyclical extremes and paradoxical human experiences. 


opening reception, January 11, 6-8 PM 

George Billis Gallery
525 west 26th street
New York, NY 10001
212 645 2621