Anna, Betty and Betye: 3 Women in Craft - Virtual Screening

film screening

In partnership with the African American Museum in Philadelphia’s Anna Russell Jones: The Art of Design exhibition

Join us for a special screening featuring Anna Russell Jones, Betty Leacraft and Betye Saar, three women of African descent who have led trailblazing and pioneering careers as artists, often using their work to make pointed and powerful political statements.

Betty Leacraft: Shape Shifter of Textiles
Produced by Jere Edmunds, Edited by Ellen Reynolds
(USA, 2021, 20 min)

Betty Leacraft is a "shape shifter of textiles," presenter, curator and educator who has led culturally inspired fiber/textile related workshops and residencies in tri-state area's under-served, under-resourced communities, colleges, public schools, libraries, prisons, senior centers, women's shelters, and re-entry and substance abuse programs. As a lifelong resident of Philadelphia, Leacraft's artistry and career continues to be a beacon of the city and beyond.