Silent Parade: Donna Quinn at Boston Street Gallery

Donna Quinn Silent Parade
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Opening Reception Saturday, May 4, 2-5 PM

Donna Quinn is an artist known for her abstract, textured paintings that are often inspired by themes central to relationships, the spaces we occupy, and the changes brought on by the passage of time. With Silent Parade, the artist continues her focus toward the dynamic of harmony and imbalance and invites viewers to explore the shifting nature of these two positions, be they relationships of a personal nature, or broader communities emerging upon the current social landscape. These relationships are personified using unstructured shapes that are defined by their interactions, often moving away–or toward-one another; and bound–or separated-by lines, which have been drawn to divide or to connect; with edges that signify termination and seams that join together, creating space inside–or outside–defined borders.


Meet the artist at the opening reception on Saturday, May 4, 2-5 PM.


Boston Street Gallery
2539 East Boston Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125