Fourth Biennial Winter Group Show : Snowflake @HBHQ Catalog

Rosalind Bloom
Westchester Image
Amanda D'Amico
artwork by Angela McQuillan
Angela McQuillan
porcelain construction on wood panel
Carol Eddy
abstract, torso, mixed media
Nancy Barch
kellianne mccarthy
Music One Drawing Pierre Trombert
Pierre Trombert
Donna Quinn
Donna Quinn
Damini Celebre
Gregg Krantz, Binary System #1
Gregg Krantz
Star Shaped Sand Protists
Marguerita Hagan
Kevin Broad
Amie Potsic
Amie Potsic
Rebecca Gilbert
Corliss Cavalieri
DoN Brewer, Tiberino Odalisque, oil on canvas
DoN Brewer
Brian Dennis
drawing by Robert Magana
Robert Magaña
The Square's Soft Underbelly by Amy Ralston
Amy Ralston
Microweave 16 a drawing with micro pens by Stella Untalan
Stella Untalan
Mixed Blessings by Agustin Bolanos
Agustin Bolanos
Miles to Go image by Sarah R. Bloom
Sarah Bloom
Naren Gupte
Music Two Drawing Pierre Trombert
Pierre Trombert
Alice Austin
5 color reduction woodcut
Alexis Nutini
Donna Quinn
Donna Quinn
Nina Hopen Klein
Color Field, oil paint on treated paper, Italy
Laura Marconi
Image by Sarah R. Bloom
Sarah Bloom
Indecision by Marjorie Grigonis
Marjorie Grigonis
Brian Spies
Andrea Krupp
TJ Walsh
Ghost Reef by Sara Bakken
Sara Bakken
Pam Lethbridge
Bound Shards by Amy Ralston
Amy Ralston
Laura Marconi
Unravel  by Mike Gamble
Mike Gamble
jacintha clark