Fourth Biennial Winter Group Show : Snowflake @HBHQ Catalog

Gregg Krantz, Binary System #1
Gregg Krantz
abstract, torso, mixed media
Nancy Barch
Westchester Image
Amanda D'Amico
porcelain construction on wood panel
Carol Eddy
Abstract, purple, mixed media
Nancy Barch
Terri Fridkin
Indecision by Marjorie Grigonis
Marjorie Grigonis
drawing, graphite, female, nude, figure
Christopher Smith
Kevin Broad
drawing by Robert Magana
Robert Magaña
Rebecca Gilbert
Andrea Krupp
Music One Drawing Pierre Trombert
Pierre Trombert
Maryann Riker - The Saint of Unfulfilled Desires - Stitched vintage cabinet card of young woman depicted as sainted icon with stitched halo of pearls
Maryann Riker
kellianne mccarthy
Phases of the Journey All Pass by Lisa Sparling
Lisa Sparling
Bound Shards by Amy Ralston
Amy Ralston
Rosalind Bloom
Microweave 16 a drawing with micro pens by Stella Untalan
Stella Untalan
Egg by Mary Gordon
Mary Gordon
Miles to Go image by Sarah R. Bloom
Sarah Bloom
Laura Marconi
Pink Hug by Ashley Wick
Ashley Wick
Kristin Schattenfield-Rein
Keith R. Breitfeller
Charcoal, Poe, Prescott, Drawing, Balloon Hoax, Cotton paper
Diana Prescott
5 color reduction woodcut
Alexis Nutini
Brian Dennis
Corliss Cavalieri
Damini Celebre
Pam Lethbridge
Therese Brown
TJ Walsh
porcelain construction on wood panel
Carol Eddy
Image by Sarah R. Bloom
Sarah Bloom
embroidery on monoprint
Marie Elcin
Self Portrait, Acrylic On Canvas, 8"x12," by Kala Hagopian
Kala Hagopian
Keith R. Breitfeller
Red Tailed Hawk, drawing, charcoal, bird, raptor
Colleen Rudolf
artwork by Angela McQuillan
Angela McQuillan