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PD Packard's Video Release | Printing Decorative Papers with Akua Inks
Workshop Printed Decorative Papers + Box Art
October 29 October 30, 2016

Recently published on YouTube, the video about artist, PD Packard's technique of Printing Decorative Papers with Akua Inks. Artist PD Packard takes you through the making of her printed decorative papers using Akua Intaglio and Liquid Pigment Inks.

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Painting by Sue Mckee
August 3 August 28, 2016
A collection of paintings by Susan Mckee

It occurs to me that painting is a comment.  Color, line and brushwork create a language - one that seems more knowing - a glance at the truth. No matter the subject matter, it is essential that  the artist trust the color and line to create through them a soulful response and a trustworthy  recording of the human experience. 

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Artists Image Resource (AIR) has been supporting engaging and challenging work through its on-going programming since 1996. This national juried exhibition is a way to make the best of contemporary printmaking visible to a large audience in the Pittsburgh region. Because this is an election year, special consideration will be given to socially and politically engaged print work.

Entry Deadline: 10/16/16

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Initiated in 2012, the Pioneer Works residency program was developed to provide free space — and not just in economic terms — where experimental and evocative practitioners across a variety of disciplines can work in close proximity, sharing energies and ideas within an organization known for its open-ended approach to working and making.

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online class
August 6

Marie Elcin has a new fiber arts class available online at Skillshare. Visit to sign up. In this class, Marie will show you how to select and edit images appropriate for embroidered embellishment, how to print them on fabric, how to do 6 simple embroidery stitches, and how to frme your final piece. Please join and share with your friends!

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Catalonia I, Barcelona, by Jacqueline Unanue, acrylic on paper, 2013, 18" x 23.5" (46 x 60 cm)
September 16 October 16, 2016

A solo exhibition curated by Gloria Garafulich-Grabois


Opening Reception | Friday, September 16 from 6:00 to 8:00pm 

Journeys: Catalonia & Euskadi—a seriesinspired in both, the artist’s 2013 as well as her previous visits to Catalonia and her early childhood memories of her father’s family in the Basque Country

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July 15

Bill Brookover will be teaching a one-day introduction to screenprinting in this one day immersive workshop.

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stella untalan drawing for being in the woods
June 6 June 26, 2016

Stella Untalan has created a series of drawings that are driven not by results but by process. Each of these drawings is made using the same ink, the same pen, the same unrelenting process. The results reveal themselves to be reminders of her walks and runs in the woods. The straight trunks making blurred lines that suggest motion, space, and time — a DNA image of being in the woods. 

The installation consists of her drawings, sound by Lesley Tao Mowat, and a corrugated cardboard construction: [bar] by Brian David Dennis. Come experience being in the woods.

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In probably less than 30 minutes you can write a personal story and donate a miniature object that will become a part of Philadelphia’s history. The piece will be on permanent view at The Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal F to the 30 million annual passengers. The project is open to anyone and free to participate.

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Exhibition  : the grass is greener
May 14 May 27, 2016

It's spring and it's getting greener every minute. We've heard people say "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" — really? Is that what this show is all about? Maybe, maybe not. Come see how thirty artists interpreted our theme in more than 60 pieces of work no larger than 5.5 x 8.5, unframed.


May 14 - 27, 2016

Saturday, May 14, 4 - 7 pm

Wednesday and Thursday
1 - 4 PM
or by apointment


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spring, welcome, exhibit, Teresa Farina, McWilliams, tulips, flowers, iris, blue yellow, Oriental lilies, geraniums, pink, green, red, trees, landscape, flower pots, gardening, art show, oil, pastel, watercolor
May 7 May 28, 2016

This event is an art exhibit featuring Philadelphia award-winning artist Teresa McWilliams Farina.

A variety of framed original paintings will be exhibited from representational to abstract subjects in sizes ranging from small (5x 7") to large (24 x 36").

The artist's style is impressionistic. There are paintings on canvas (and copper) in textured oils, pastels on textured surfaces, vibrant watercolors and experimental pieces in mixed media.

Subjects Include:

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District’s Studio Grant Program concentrates explicitly on the promotion of contemporary women artists. Since 2010, District has awarded the studio grant to visual artists with the aim to open a room where long-term dialogues between artistic, curatorial, research and educational practices can evolve.

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